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Body Secrets

A poetic love letter to the phenomenal calling of being a bodyworker. This is the kind of book you can open at any page, read a single paragraph and have a host of powerful ideas to reflect on for the rest of the day.  Or sit down and devour from cover to cover. Written by the originator of the Body Harmony approach, this is less of an instructional manual and more a collection of thoughts, ideas and reflections from a bodyworker of decades' experience.

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The Principles and Practice of NO HANDS Massage

The Principles and Practice of NO HANDS Massage is the perfect introduction to NO HANDS Massage including aspects you can put into practice immediately. For every classic Swedish stroke that was to be replaced, Gerry sought an alternative that was as powerful, if not more so. This in itself created a therapy that was upping the game for Massage therapy. This book offers a great introduction to NO HANDS Massage AND also brings you in at the very beginning of the development of a Massage approach that continues to develop in light of new scientific and clinical breakthroughs.

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NO HANDS Chair Massage

An exploration of the origins and role of Chair Massage from experienced therapists and trainers, Gerry Pyves & David Woodhouse. Written in the style of a conversation between the Lone Ranger & Tonto, the light hearted style belies the powerful content contained in it.

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In Celebration of Feet

Learn about Gerry Pyves' unique 4-stage treatment protocol for opening up the reflexes and read how Reflexology evolved at precisely the same time in history as our feet became imprisoned in clumsily crafted factory shoes.

Beautifully crafted in sumptuous brown ink and lovely thick paper, this book is a delight to touch. John Coombes’ amazingly evocative drawings of the feet and the body fill almost every page. 

Find out how it is that: “Nine out of ten clients who have experienced this approach say they prefer it to conventional Reflexology”

Why does the 4Elements Company sell books about NO HANDS Massage?

Simple: we used to be the NO HANDS Massage Company! After a generation of operating as the NO HANDS Massage company, in July 2024 we started a new chapter as the 4Elements Company. All the top quality zero strain Massage that was originally taught as NO HANDS Massage is now captured within the courses the 4Elements Company offers. These books are a snapshot in time from the early 2000s and provide a great foundation for learning this powerful zero strain Massage. 

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