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Check out your work with a Master

One-to-one or in a small group, Master Support Sessions get you the personal attention of an experienced NO HANDS Massage Master to take your clinical work to the next level.

What can a Master offer you at a Support Session? 

  • they can FEEL your touch
  • you can FEEL their touch 
  • they can OBSERVE you giving touch (if you have another therapist with you or you bring a client)
  • they can help you CLARIFY your NO HANDS treatments
  • they can do work with you on your COMMUNICATION with your clients 
  • they can support you in BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS
  • they can discuss any CLIENT ISSUES you're having with you
  • they can discuss your options as you continue your NO HANDS Journey

Read what some of our Association members are saying about these sessions below, or check out Master Sam’s experience of them as she was preparing to take her Master exam.

These sessions are to deepen and refine your clinical Massage - if you're looking to learn new material check out our courses

How much is a Master Support Session?

All the Masters listed below offer a single session for £99, and a block of 3 for £199 (all 3 sessions to be taken within 12 months). If you an Association member and would like to use Master Support Sessions as your NO HANDS training to keep your weblisting live, you need to do a minimum of three sessions in a 12 month period.

Masters with willing to travel by their name may be able to come to you, although there is likely to be an additional charge for their travel time and other costs.

Each Master handles their own booking enquiries, including travel options and whether you can book to have a Massage with them immediately after your Support Session. Contact them direct for specific enquiries and to arrange your sessions.

Who can book a Master Support Session?

Anyone holding a full body Massage qualification (UK Level 3 or above) and insurance to practice can book a session - no prior training in NO HANDS is required and you do not need to be an Association member (but you're very welcome to join!)

Who offers Master Support Sessions?

The Masters listed below have completed additional training to be able to offer these sessions and receive their own support and supervision to be able to offer you their very best. 

Tigger MacGregor Morecambe 07367 064945 Willing to travel

Beth Lloyd Newcastle Under Lyme 07870 493872

Mimi Ness Hull 07903 974730

Amanda Watson Wakefield 07740 717999 Willing to travel

What previous students have said about Master Support Sessions

Deep, powerful NO HANDS Massage“These sessions are absolute gold. I’ve had quite a few MSS with different masters and students participating, which have also been great but these ongoing sessions with the same group have taken them to another level for me.” Sarah Marolia

“I have repeated courses many times of the years looking to improve my techniques, but what I enjoyed about the Master Support Session is the individual attention: the little tweaks and the dedicated time investigating the strokes.” Sheila Ruddick

“This was the most helpful teaching so far on my NO HANDS journey.” Ruth Woolmer

“Took a lot away with me and have been able to change things in the way I deliver NO HANDS. Will be going back for more!” Julia Frances

“Excellent MSS where all my questions got answered, my touch has been checked and corrected and where I regained confidence to use certain NO HANDS strokes again on my clients. Time very well spent!” Anneke Van Holstein

“I really look forward to my MSS. It’s a great way of touching base with fellow therapists. We get to bounce ideas and thoughts around, discuss where we are right now, what our needs are, work through physical issues that have come up and take massage and communication up another level. I really feel my clients and I benefit immensely.” Tara Buckel

“Was very helpful for me to have this one to one session. I’ve come away more confident with certain parts of my massage i.e. foot positioning and also great reminders. Helene was fantastic – I felt very comfortable working with her . It’s very useful having someone watch you work and help you improve your own abilities.” Ashleigh Maritz

“I was very impressed with the quality of my session and I felt my training needs were listened, felt, watched and encouraged. Amanda’s professionalism was astounding. I felt empowered by her encouraging approach and her patience in demonstrating the strokes that I knew my technique needed some adjusting, as I was feeling pain in my body instead of zero strain that I should be experiencing. I would encourage other students to take advantage of such an opportunity as this session has reminded me of how powerful a simple stroke is.” Brandi Lim

“The training addressed very well my concerns on how to treat my clients and their specific needs and this was confirmed when I treated a client the following day.” Denis Shepherd

“I was quickly brought back to NO HANDS fundamentals again – but mainly Slow. Absolutely what I needed. More power and less effort again in delivering touch.” Valeska Andrews

“I put into practice what I learnt yesterday, with clients today – perfect! Really useful training, great fun and a very productive and much appreciated session, which covered everything that we had asked for – amazing in the time that we had. So grateful to Carl for listening to our requests and managing to seamlessly co-ordinate it all and tick all the boxes. Plus I got some great touch into the bargain – what more could you wish for? Fab – thank you so much, what a brilliant resource!” Shiona King

Always brilliant to get time away and focus on our work.” Neil Lawson

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